erg herbe

"I was there the other day. So weird wandering thru those deserted ripped-off structures that so much love & agony & labor went into building. There were ghosts behind every broken window & half-off-the-hinges door. Sad hippy ghost town with a pile of human shit deposited on the drainboard next to the sink. Too many rats packed into too small a space. I guess we'll go down & scrounge what we can." (Peter Rabbit on Drop City)

Peak Time RBMA Interview

I was interviewed live on RMBA Radio for Peak Time, starting about 1 hour into the show. Listen below.

The avant-garde flautist and composer discusses his ode to New York loft music and his debut solo album.

John Also Bennett, otherwise known as JAB, has been operating in the avant-garde underground of New York for the better part of a decade. He’s currently a member of kosmiche trio Forma, one half of the ambient-exploring duo Seabat and has collaborated with countless like-minded artists such as Jon Gibson, Christina Vantzou, American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME), Peter Burr, Zin Taylor and many others. The creative energy that drives JAB is unparalleled — last year he released an album with Vantzou, plus new albums with both Forma and Seabat. This March he finally put out his solo debut album, a project ten years in the making. Erg Herbe, its title, is a phrase that combines a word meaning “a sea of desert dunes” with the French word for grass; it calls to mind an imaginary place that echoes the perplexing but dreamy mixture of synthetic and organic instruments. Bennett says the record is “strange and thoughtful music that reflects a genuine inner vision of self.” He joins Vivian in the studio today to discuss the technicalities of mixing disparate sonic elements and the imagined spaces where he hopes his listeners might go.