A mix of ambient and cosmic music I made for Progressive Infinite.

Stream below, download the entire mix here for free.

Tracklisting -

1. craig leon - the customs of the age disturbed
2. hiroki okano with techno mongoloid - leela #2 (excerpt)
3. steve roach - ???? (excerpt)
4. haruomi hosono - air condition
5. jean-marie brice - africa (excerpt)
6. constance demby - one through the stargate (excerpt)
7. michael shrieve & klaus schulze - communique “approach spiral”
8. jon hassell - dream theory
9. software - space design
10. michael shrieve & steve roach - edge runner
11. constance demby - sacred space music
12. steve roach - western spaces
13. michael brook - hawaii
14. jon hassell - vernal equinox
15. robert rich - resonance
17. jon gibson - untitled
17. nowtime prophecies - peace out

Green I Red projection detail. This was a four channel video environment with an eight channel surround soundtrack by Seabat at Eyebeam in NYC as part of Monkeytown 3. The single channel version will premier at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2014.

The trailer for Special Effect (a collaboration with Peter Burr).

“Video and performance artist Peter Burr presents a live television show from the future inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1971 film Stalker and its central setting of "the zone”: an off-limits place of hope and possibility rumored to make one’s deepest desires come true. Special Effect features 20 30-second original works from underground animation label Cartune Xprez, original music from Lucky Dragons and Seabat, and live performances by Burr involving laser beams and a hacked Kinect camera.